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We believe, for any musician to reach their peak potential, whether a beginner or a seasoned soloist, they must have an equally capable instrument!


Max is currently a Registered Piano Technician working in the greater Portland, Oregon area. He is a self taught technician who has had many influential mentors in his career: Tim Nixon (Graduate of New England Conservatory now Bennet Street School), Joe Garrett (Co writer of Randy Potter School of Piano Technology), Taylor Mackinnon (past present President of Piano Technician Guild), David Nichols, Dahr-Wynn Blakemore, Linda Scott. Max currently is one of the few technicians in Oregon that works on historic instruments as well as modern instruments and would like to delve deeper into harpsichord and historic forte-piano building and maintenance. Max continues to grow in his skillset as he’s taken on serious piano rebuilding (excluding replacing whole  soundboards) and historical piano reconditioning/conservation work over the last 5 year period working with Joe Garrett. Max works as a first call technician for the Portland Columbia Symphony orchestra as well as smaller concert series organizers, theater productions, and music companies. Max has worked with the Longview Kelso School District, the Beaverton School District, and collaborated tuning and repair work on pianos for the Hillsboro School District with Taylor Mackinnon. He also  worked on pianos for Central Washington University and collaborated on pianos at Pacific University with Linda Scott. Max also is hired by a handful of independent tuners in the greater Portland area to solve and complete complex repairs and take on projects that others are less enthusiastic about (e.g. birdcage pianos, square pianos, trapwork rebuilding, touchup work, bridge repair, serious water damage repair, ...).

Photo Credit: Heather Michaels

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