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A Complete Service Model

A piano can be in tune and still not be in playable condition. Service work, such as repair and regulation, are necessary to ensure optimum sound and playability and are often overlooked by players and piano tuners alike. Regular service, along with quality tuning, should be part of an appointment for optimal enjoyment and protection of your piano-investment! In essence, we strive to leave your piano in a state that is inspiring for the music you make and will allow players of all age and ability to grow.



- Cost of general hourly labor.

All rebuilding, repairs, or regulation work will be discussed with the piano owner before work will begin.

- A minimum cost of $75 will be charged for a service call.




- If your piano is significantly sharp or flat, a pitch adjustment may be necessary to bring it back into tune.


 *More than 5 cents, plus or minus for a normal piano, and more than 2 cents for a concert instrument, is considered an unstable tune and can require a pitch adjustment.



- Tune the instrument

- Small Repairs, Pedal Adjustmen, and light cleaning

- Piano looked over for necessary work


*Some Pianos and concert tunings take more time, so prices will be higher.

- Applied discounts for repeat customers at tuning appointment

Call or Text today to schedule an appointment!


Accepted forms of Payment:
Cash, Check, Credit card, PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo

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